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Author: haseken.livejournal.com
Pairing: Kato Shigeaki X Nishikido Ryo
Genre: Guy Friendship
Rating: NC-17
Summery: will you watch me ?? do you miss me??

Kanjani 8 eightXeighter Concert 31 dec 2012 in Osaka

Today is the last day concert venue at Osaka. This is the first concert after I officially belong to Kanjani 8. We arrive at Osaka Dome early in the morning to have our last practice.

Yoko make some stupid action and we laugh together. I suddenly shout ,

'stop it Shige!! enough!! stop doing that stupid thing'.

Then the atmosphere in our dressing room change and all of them looking at me.

‘Are u okay’ Yasu asked me.

Oh My god..what im I saying..i don’t know why Shige name suddenly out.

‘Gomen ne’ I said.

Then I just walk away from the dressing room leaving them . Its have been two month since I left NEWS. I also never contect Shige for two month.

How I miss him.

Tonight is our countdown. We will held the countdown here in Osaka , and they will held the countdown at Tokyo Dome. I will see his face tonight.

Wasn’t it good if we have the countdown together.
The concert start and end surprisingly good, and its time for countdown. We can watch them live and so they are.

I hope he will watch me.

Do you miss me as I do? I asked it in my heart.

 Luckly camera-san take a lot of a shot of me ,' will Shige watch me?? '

When NEWS out singing ‘kibou yell~’ ,
'is this the song they dedicated for me' my tears start to burst..

i don’t know weather the fans saw it or not. God I just miss them and of course him so much..just so much..

original-horz31 dec 2012 Tokyo Dome
‘Its finally new NEWS to comeback’ tegoshi shout in our dressing room.

As usual he always KY. All juniors passing  by are looking at him.

However I agree with him.

‘ Yeah!! That’s right . We must show to them that we still can survive without them ‘ added Koyama.

Massu just smile with snack in his mouth.

‘Ah..them..nope..him. He must be busy with his concert now . He never contect me after he left our house last two month'.
 Tonight countdown we will watch each other live even he is in Osaka and im in Tokyo.

Do you miss me as I do ? I asked it in my heart .

We receive a lot of encorouge massage from senpai and fans . We gain a lot of support to make a fresh new comeback.

The countdown start.

When kanjani 8 perform, we was in our dressing room. I was in toilet.

When im out of the toilet I directly watch the tv

' Oh my god. Its him , Nishikido-kun. How happy he is.. I miss him..miss him so much..'

Its our turn.

‘Next is fresh new version of NEWS!!!’ Kattun Kamenashi-kun introduce us .

Thanks Kame-san.

‘ Give a lot of love to NEWS in 2012’ Tegoshi said it directly to spectator.

We sings with full of spirits until the end of the show.

‘ Do Nishikido-kun watch our performens just now ?’asking my self….




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