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[info]haseken ,[info]newskattuneito
Pairing: Kato Shigeaki X Nishikido Ryo
Genre:  Guy Friendship
Rating: NC-17
' Shige..Omedeto..i dont think you are too good to write a Novel ' Ryo said coldly.

Papadoru dressing room

'Shige please dont go away , stay with me please...SHIGE!!!!' Ryo suddenly woke up from sleep after fall from the sofa.
'God I taught i just want to take a nap before the next filming , how can i sleep this long time and have this nightmare'  Ryo soliloquize.

'Luckly no one saw what just happen'

Maru who accidentally in the bath room saw what just happend. He want to laugh but he decide not to. He stay in the bath room until Ryo went out.

He quickly text Shige ;

MARU : Someone miss you.. ;)

              SHIGE : Dare??

MARU : R-kun =P

              SHIGE : Uso!!

MARU : its up to you...BTW omedeto sensei today your book is out right.
             Dont forget to send me a copy with ur signature....J :D

 Shige become anxious, he was at a hall for press confrence of is book.

 'R-kun...Ryo-kun?? he miss me..really ?? Huh..how can that idiot miss me..Maru-chan playing around again.'


I heard three annoying voice calling me. Its must be them..

'Yeah..iam right..it was tegoshi , massu and kei-chan..

'Omedeto Kato-sensei' they shout in harmony

'Gosh..how can I answer the question propely when this three idiot is here'

'We come to support you shiggy-chan' kei-chan said.

'Dont disturb me or making fun of me when the event start' i begged them.

'Hai!!' again in harmony

'Can I believe this three idiots , why they are soo docile today. This make me even worry '

'Or they have gian some respect to me because iam already a "sensei" ' shige proud of himself

The press confrences end in a good way.

' Wow!they are suprisingly obidient. Gain this title make they resepect me. Can i build my Kato Kingdom again??'

' Ne shiggy-chan why are u smile alone? Massu asked with his mouth full of Manjuu that have been serve to press and others.

'Oh..nothing' shige replies.

'Ne~ Shiteru..we are having a surprise party for you' massu said

' What is the point you telling him , its not a surprise anymore..Massu Baka!!' yelled Tegoshi.

' Eh?? what ?? surprise party for me..honto ni??'

' Yup Kato-sensei.. Lets go..Everybody waiting for us' kei-chan warmly replies .

' Eh What?? everybody?? Dare??'

'Just shut up and follow us' Massu angrily shout.' I am already hungry..5 Manjuu not enough for me '

When we arrive all the people already arrive. There was Uchi .

'Shige..Omedeto' he said..

Then there was Maru ,he come and hugged me..

' Omedeto..pals ' he said.

Then i saw this bright creture. Its was Ryo-chan..

' Shige..Omedeto..i dont think you are too good to write a Novel ' he said coldly.

'Oh..Arigato Nishikido-kun..and please read it before place any comment' Shige replies.

The party was surprising great ,but he never talked to Ryo-chan during that party.

' Why did he said that cold words..Aho!!!' he shout on his bed when he arrive home.

' We have never talk to each other since last years , I miss u..Dont you miss me too??...but why you have too pissed me off??'

'Ryo-chan BAKA! BAKA! BAKA!' with teary eyes

Meanwhile , in Nishikido house..

' God why did I say that..i want to read his book. I already asked Maru to buy me a copy'

For Nishikido that 'Pink to Gray' is not just a book. its is full of Shige taught and something that he dont know about Shige yet..Its not  just a book..Its Shige.

' I want to talk to you..i miss talking with you..disturbing you..being 'sweet akuma' just for you..'

'Shige I miss you..urmm no I love you'

'Yeah!! I LOVE YOU!!'




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